Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash is a competition at Midland with the previous year field. Info can be found at

We are planning on attending this years Bot Bash on Friday October 13 from 4pm-9pm and Saturday October 14th from 8am-7pm. This is a great way to get in the swing of the upcoming January 2018 build season. 

I do not intend on using last years robot. I am planning on us building a new robot to compete with only gears and rope climbing. Over the past couple of years we have learned a great deal about robotics. Our first year we burned up motors and our second year we were not fast enough. We still did great both years. To solve the two issues, we are going to build a robot that uses a dual speed gearbox to give us both speed and pushing power. This will require us to just remove the Gear Grabber and Rope Climber off the 2017 robot and easily attach them to a basic Kit of Parts robot with the new gearboxes. Adding pneumatics for the new gearboxes will help us learn the usage of pneumatics in competition. Those that remember bumpers will be happy to know that the old ones should still work :). The image below is just a basic CAD image of the new robot. I think everyone knows that all the professional CAD programs are free for FIRST students.  

The Bot Bash is a low pressure fun event. Anyone who wants to drive the robot is welcome to drive in a match. The gearboxes we are using will make this robot faster than our 2016 robot that was so fast it was almost uncontrollable. It will be fun to try and drive this new robot. It will also be fun crashing the new robot into other robots. 

We need a couple of adult volunteers to help with the setup, competition and field disassembly. Registration info can be found at the bot bash website.


Darryl Greathouse